WILD AND FREE Worldwide Released January 18th 2020


“For those fans, as we are, who have followed Fontanna Sunset over the years, you're in for a treat. This set of songs is the culmination of hard work and dedication that they have honed toward perfection over the years. Listen and enjoy.” 

— Emory Gordy and Patty Loveless


"Frances Mooney & Fontana Sunset have produced high quality bluegrass/acoustic music for many years and this recording continues in that tradition!  While always surrounding herself with great players and singers, Frances delivers powerful, heartfelt vocals and rock-solid bass playing to center the ensemble!  After hearing this song, I truly feel that Frances Mooney & Fontana Sunset's fan base and the bluegrass community at-large will need, and want, to add this project to their music library!!"

- Russell Moore

Brand New Video for "High On A Mountain"

Imagine the soul of the North Georgia mountains and the legacy of generations of family and friends who play country and bluegrass music. Put these in the hands of somebody with undying love of bluegrass and vocal talent to match, and you have singer Frances Mooney. Soul and heart, and a commitment that has taken her down bluegrass roads over 50 years, make Frances somebody people stand up and pay attention to, and it happens wherever the band plays. Frances isn’t afraid of the emotion that makes a song poignant, lonely, or up beat. For over 45 years she’s led Georgia-based groups to regional popularity, and with Fontanna Sunset, Frances wants to shoot toward the moon. ”

— Louisa Branscomb

Written By: David Stewart

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Introducing Frances Mooney & Fontanna Sunset

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