Last Rose For Grandpa

back cdLast Rose For Grandpa – Fontanna Sunset

Frances Mooney, Mindy Rakestraw, Louisa Branscomb, Dave Gentry,
Steve Sosebee

$12.00 includes shipping

Special Guests:
Mark Mundy (lead guitar #1)
Larry Bishop (resophonic guitar)
Roger Everett (fiddle)
Ray Deaton (bass vocals)


  1. Sweet Virginia
  2. Matters Of The Heart
  3. Lord I’m Blue
  4. Last Night I Fell For You (all over again)
  5. Wasting Away
  6. Wings Of A Dove/Pray The Clouds Away
  7. Bye Bye Love
  8. Last Rose For Grandpa
  9. Silence Or Tears
  10. Just My Heart In My Hand
  11. Home sweet Highway
  12. Angels Rejoiced