Album: Heartache Handing Round

albumcover-fontannasunsetWe are proud to announce our new album, Heartache Hanging Round recorded at FlossyMonk Studio in Cumming, GA, owned and operated by (Fran’s Son) Mark Mundy.  Not only does Mark have an ear for all types of music, he is a great Engineer/Producer from the first note to the finish, even lending a hand on vocals and guitar if needed.

Special guests include; Russell Moore, Jim Van Cleve, Clinton Gregory, Randy Kohrs, Kevin Alberton, Tim Hamilton and Frances son’s; Matthew and Mark Mundy.  I’m very proud of my band members; Rickey Rakestraw, Brian Morgan and Joe Kimsey, they did a wonderful job on this album, can’t wait for y’all to hear it!

You  may order your copy by sending an email to me at fontannasunset@
I will get back to you with details.

Radio stations can download the new album at AirPlayDirect direct and fans can take a listen at

Daughters of Bluegrass New Box Set Release

JUST RELEASED! January 31, 2013 the latest Daughters of Bluegrass project, “Pickin’ Like A Girl” includes 134 women in a 69-song 4-CD box-set, as quoted by Dixie Hall “Only Women, No Dudes”.  This is a must for your CD collection shelf, it can be purchased here, just shoot me an email.
Label: Blue Circle Records


IBMA Recorded Event of the Year Award!

International Bluegrass Music Association
International Bluegrass Music Association

Frances Mooney is Proud To Be A Daughter Of Bluegrass!
Winning the 2006 “Recorded Event Of The Year” Award with the Daughters of Bluegrass song, “Proud to Be a Daughter” at the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA)  from their CD, Proud To Be A Daughter. Congratulations

Winning the 2009 “Recorded Event Of The Year” Award with the Daughters Of Bluegrass song, “Bluegrass Bouquet” at the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) from their CD, “Bluegrass Bouquet”,  Producet by Dixie Hall Frances Mooney and paula Wolak of this CD.  Congratulations